sandy-aslett02For Buderim Milliner Sandy Aslett, the journey towards her passion for creating exciting designer headwear began with a love affair for the world of fashion.

With sewing skills honed from the tender age of 5, Sandy’s career has taken many twists and turns with creative fashion always an integral part of her life.

From dressmaking to owning her own fashion boutique, Sandy’s venture into millinery began approximately five years ago with a quest to find a hat that was the perfect fit for her head. That hobby became reality in October 2008 after retiring from permanent employment and is now an all consuming, full time passion that includes clients such as fashionista Nikki Parkinson, Personal Stylist from Styling You, the racing industry identities from around Australia, (women in racing), weddings, and the like.

Sandy was recently recognized as one of the Sunshine Coast Style setters in the “who’s who” on the coast series written by reporter Amy Remeikis. Amy wrote – A Buderim milliner who threw in her established career to follow her headwear dreams, Sandy isn’t only famous for her crowning adornments. From the neck down she is no slouch either, choosing outfits which complement her accessories.  “There is always something just a little different,” one customer told the Daily.  “For Sandy, it is about the complete look”.

Whether it be for special occasion hats, racewear or fascinators Sandy will be happy to create a special designer headpiece custom made to complement an outfit, and importantly your personality.

Studying under some of Australia’s finest milliners including Louise Macdonald in traditional millinery, flamboyant Sydney milliner Neil Grigg, Georgina Conheady french flower making techniques, Waltraud Reiner including attending the 2009 International Milliners Forum. Ongoing tutoring has also played a large part in shaping Sandy’s career with a variety of classes designed to abandon formal thinking and to try and view creative possibilities from unexpected combinations of materials and their applications.

Now working from her tranquil studio in the foothills of Buderim, Sandy is creating unique headwear with a style that will be remembered for its artistic beauty.

With trimmings sourced from around the globe, her hats are classics from a bygone era, sometimes a little quirky, sometimes witty, sometimes wild. Most importantly, they are wearable, comfortable and custom made to fit the client.

With designs that evolve through the seasons, Sandy is constantly inspired by fashion trends and no overseas holiday is complete without a search for some new materials and embellishments.

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